For Children, Youth or Adults


The kids lessons are great for families who would like to expose their children to the world of music. Maria has many years of experience teaching children and youth and having children of her own has given her an even greater understanding of how children develop and grow.
Providing your child with the opportunity to learn and love music is one of the greatest gifts you can give them! Every effort will be made to ensure your child’s musical journey is fun, creative and rewarding.

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There's a programs for everyone. In addition to teaching music to children, Maria instruct adults and seniors. Maria has taught adults who are complete beginners to music as well as those who are coming from a strong musical background.
Lessons can be catered to wherever you are on your musical journey and guide you in a direction that will be a rewarding one for you!

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Louise Flores

I have been studying Harp with Maria for over five years now. I have no formal musical training, I started with the basics. Maria also had the added challenge of dealing with a profoundly left handed person, she is patient and very giving teaching me. I feel more confident playing pieces and graduated to a larger harp with levers. Maria is easy going and very knowledgeable.

From Brenda/ adult student.
Diana Jones

Thank you for the passion you have given Lara for the harp all these years. She admires you and your talent and ability, and she appreciates your kind, encouraging nature with her. Thank you for your confidence in her. She's excited to continue and improve her skill!

Monica / parent
Martin Wood

I really enjoyed Thursdays because of piano. Thank you so much and you have taught me well.

Madeline / 11 Years Old Student